Business Risk

Impact vs level of uncertainty. How are you managing all your key business risks. They can be broken up into three main areas: operational & financial risks, sales & marketing risks and product & strategic risk.

Example of operations risks your business may be facing which may need addressing:

  • Debt and working capital limitations
  • Inventory costing not optimised and excessive wastage
  • Lack of clarity on profitability requirements on the scale or size of your business
  • Slow or ineffective operating procedures
  • Foreign currency risks
  • Legal or compliance risks
  • Fraud risk

Sales or marketing risks:

  • Incorrect ROI on marketing spend.
  • Incorrect framing of client requirements.
  • Reputation risk
  • Bad clients

Product risk:

  • Inappropriate product or services mix.
  • Excessive competition or disruptive risk
  • Quality issues
  • Pricing