We have experience in helping businesses get off the ground. Importantly people need to be in the frame of mind and motivated to help start your business, To assist with this we provide some of the following services.

Corporate Workshop

Aziz - Head Office, 09 Mar 2014
We conduct workshops in helping you get started. Some the areas you will need help with when starting a business are: Entrepreneurship, Communication skills, Understanding Financial Statements, Researching the viability of new venture ideas, Understanding Marketing, Creating a business plan, Finance and setting up a new venture, Managing staff, Plan and Operation production, Managing administration and negotiating agreements and methods to improve venture performance.


David Guess - Head Office, 05 Mar 2014
We provide a variety of consulting skills from our experience in Finance and Operations in various industries. We can probably help you. Let's talk.

Annual, Monthly & Ad Hoc Business Reviews

Head Office, 01 Mar 2014
Do you need an independence voice? Someone to look at your business or your results in a new way. We guarantee that we will bring new insights to your business. Help you reassess risk and the context within which it is being assessed.

Your behaviour regardless of whether someone is looking or not. Critical for creating trust.


Staying resilient under fire and find creative and optimal solutions by working smart.


Humility provides you opportunities that ignite your passion. Stay humble and allow your motivation to grow!


Strategy, Game Theory, Innovation, Accounting, Financial Management.