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We do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have. Here are a few answers.

  • How do I Start a Business?

    Anyone can start a business. But you need to your research it properly. Businesses solve problems. You need to speak to your potential customers and understand their problems. Understand your business hypothesis and then get an independent person to help you do your research. Otherwise work close to what you know and in the beginning, focus on one client at a time! They could give you invaluable lessons if sales volume is your game.

  • Business is Risky!

    Yes, this is true. A business takes hard work and commitment. You need to consider whether the benefit your business will create will exceed the effort you put in. What you understand about the world before you start and after your start it, will be completely different due to the different problems you will be exposed to. Try create a good business culture around you and your business dealings. Then focus on communicating with experts where you need help.

  • My business Idea is Stuck. What now?

    There could be one of three areas you are suffering: Your product, marketing\sales or your operations. Seek out experts in the areas you are lacking. Customer need a good reason to buy from you. Give it to them!

  • How much wood could a Wood Chuck chuck?

    I don't know :) It is important to be humble and work within what you know. Don't take silly risks but rather take smaller bites. Also don't take advantage of people around you. They will remember your actions and this could have negative consequences later. Try just solve the next problem that comes your way and don't be afraid to ask for help or advice.

  • Sometimes I feel like I only going Backwards?

    Motivation can be difficult to maintain when building a business. Especially when people around you are holding you back. Try network with people who think the same as you. They will help you get over some of those perceived obstacles.

  • Is the Grass Greener on the other side?

    Sometimes. People are continuously in good moods and bad ones. But perception is rarely the same as reality. Focus on creating a good support network to help you with your business concept. Unfortunately this takes time. Focus on over delivering and don't promise something you cannot deliver. People tend to remember disappointments.

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